Choosing the Correct Inverter

Updated at May 4th, 2023

What types of inverters can be used with LumiLor?

The inverters listed on this page are sold by LumiLor and our dealers. These inverters have been tested extensively for use with LumiLor. Other third party inverters may work with LumiLor but their compatibility is unknown to LumiLor; check with the inverter manufacturer for details on compatibility.

Which inverter should I use for my project?

The total lit area of LumiLor is the most common element used to determine which inverter to use.

  • Multiple fields can be lit with a single inverter as long as the total area of all fields is within the inverter parameters.
  • All lit areas must be considered, even areas where the light has been blocked out with a top coat. The underlying LumiLor is lit and needs to be included.

Input voltage and inverters

The input voltage to an inverter must match the input voltage requirements of the inverter.

  • 'Boost converter' is a device that increases DC voltage and can be used to match the input input voltage requirements of an inverter. An example is the Eboot XL6009 Boost Converter
  • 'Buck converter' is a device that decreases DC voltage and can be used to match the input input voltage requirements of an inverter. An example is the Eboot LM2596 Buck Converter

Inverter name and specifications

The first series of number in the inverter name is equal to the total lit area it can light. The last series of number is equal to the input voltage. Example: NBXA-250-12 has a maximum lit area of 250 square inches and an input voltage of 12.

NBXA-0250-12 Adjustable Settings

On/Off - Press power button one time.

Frequency (F) and Brightness (B) - Press and hold power button for 5 seconds to get to frequency or brightness. Press and hold another 5 seconds to cycle between frequency and brightness.

Power (P) - Displayed in watts

Mode (M) - Press and release the power button to cycle through three modes: (M1) no strobe, (M2) slow strobe, (M3) quick strobe.

Optimal Settings for LumiLor - Frequency of 1000Hz and brightness of 80%

* Effective July 2022 NBXA-0250-12 replaces the previously availalbe NBXA-0280-12


"small inverter"
"large inverter"
Lit Area
up to 144 sq in
up to 250 sq in
up to 288 sq in
Input Voltage DC
16 - 18V
16.5V ideal for LumiLor
Output Voltage AC
100V - 200V
160V - 180V
Special Features
Overload Protection 
Digital display
Adjustable Voltage Output (100V - 200V) 
Adjustable Frequency Output
(500Hz - 1200Hz)
2" x 1" x 1.25"
4" x 2.5" x 1.5"
4" x 2" x 2"
On/Off Switch
Input Connector
JST Female
Bare wire
JST Female
Output Connector
JST Male
JST Male
JST Male
Audible humming noise is normal
Audible humming noise is normal
Waterproof / 
Water resistant
Waterproof - no
Water resistant - yes

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