Connector Application

Updated at May 5th, 2023

Connector Equipment and Materials

  • Multimeter
  • JB KwikWeld
    • mixing plate and popsicle sticks to mix
  • ¼" to ½" masking tape
  • Substrate with proper busbar application
  • Connectors

Connector Application Key Points

The connectors are the hard wires that are attached at the designated areas of the backplane and busbar. They are responsible for connecting LumiLor to the power source. 

Connector Application

Step 1 - Test for Electrical Short

  • Check for an electrical short in your LumiLor system by using a multimeter and placing one prong on backplane and the other on the busbar connection site. Any positive reading indicates an electrical short.
  • Contact your LumiLor dealer for support if an electrical short is indicated.

Step 2 - Connector Preparation

  1. Use a red Scotch Brite pad to scuff both sides of the two metal spade connectors.
  2. Clean the metal spades with isopropyl alcohol and dry.
  3. Apply backplane material with a small paint brush to all exposed metal of the spade connector OR dip the entire metal portion of the spade connector in the backplane material.
  4. Set aside to dry for next step.

Step 3 - Connector Application

  1. When the busbar application and dry time is complete remove all tape surrounding the busbar and covering the backplane. 
  2. Remove the tape covering the connection site of the backplane that was taped after the backplane was applied and before the dielectric was applied.
  3. Place the connectors flat side tab down, one on the designated area on the busbar and the other on the designated tab area of the backplane.
  4. Tape down the connectors, opposite of the wire, down to the connection sites previously mentioned with masking tape. Test with multimeter to make sure that a solid connection is made.
  5. Mix J-B KwikWeld and apply a small portion to the area of the connectors where the metal tab is soldered to the hard wire and directly to the substrate securing the connectors to the surface.
  6. Once the J-B KwikWeld is properly dried in about 6 - 8 minutes, remove the masking tape from the metal connectors and apply backplane material with a touch up brush to the metal connector tabs that were previously taped. Once again test with your multimeter to make sure that a solid connection has been maintained.
  7. Apply 2 - 3 layers of LumiLor backplane material covering the entire metal connector and extending it down the sides of the tabs to connect the backplane to its connection tab as well as the busbar to its connection tab.
  8. Once the connection site has been completely dried for 10 - 15 minutes, tape the entire connection site with masking tape including up to ¼" outside of the connection area covering the two tabs and the backplane and busbar connection sites. This is needed to prevent Conductive Top Coat from contacting the connection sites. 

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