2oz Starter Kit Special Instructions

Updated at May 5th, 2023

Special Instructions for 2oz Starter Kit

2oz Starter Kit users should follow the training videos and the detailed application steps on this support site and take note of the following differences that are specific to the 2oz Starter Kit.

LumiLor Training Videos for Starter Kits 


The application process for a 2oz Starter Kit is essentially the same as the application process for the larger starter kits.

These bullet points are specific to the 2oz Starter Kit and take precedence over content in the video when using a 2oz Starter Kit.

  • A jam gun is recommended to produce a smaller fan pattern than a traditional spray gun. 1.0 to 1.3 nozzles on a jam gun are appropriate for the 2oz Starter Kit project.
  • If using a standard HVLP spray gun reduce the fan pattern to approximately 4 inches.
  • A smaller PPS may make it easier to mange small amount of LumiLor. This may be beneficial but it is not mandatory.
  • A sample shape is not included therefore the tools needed for the drill-through are not required.
  • Watch the Double Press Connectors video to learn how to use it.

Design Layout Graphics for 2oz Starter Kit

These images provide a visual guide for the 2oz Starter Kit application process.

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